1/14/07 I was interviewed on Canadian Public Radio!
11/9/06 Wired news reports... People Taste Like Bacon!

Holy Crap!

Boing Boing (particularly my dream girl Xeni) posted a bit on Peace Through Pork!

See the article!

Traffic has gone through the roof!

I'm selling Bacon Wristbands like crazy!

I'm getting more emails requesting wristbands than I am spam. Seriously.


LA DeCom

Bacon and Critical Thought, two great tastes, tasting great on the streets of LA.

 Beautiful and smart people were in full effect at the Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression party.

Peace Through Pork took to the streets and satisfied everyones hunger for Bacon and exploration of what makes us afraid.


Peace Through Pork in Black Rock City

The Peace Through Pork Evangelists set up shop on the Esplanade (8:15, and Esplanade, to be exact) and spread the good word of "Bacon" to any and all comers.

The joy was as succulent as the cooked pig flesh!

The team assimilated a merry band of roving Gospel singers that were spreading the praises of Bacon.

I can't begin to tell you how much the love was flowing when the strains of their chior met the machine gun fire of our AK-47s.

The Pigs of Islam called the Peace Through Pork Oil Well their home.